Hunter Parrish - Weeds

Hunter Parrish stars on the hit show Weeds. Season 4 debuts on Showtime June 16. Here are 2 new promo pics of Hunter for the new season. He has bulked up a bit since last season.

Jonathan Lipnicki

I came across these pics the other day of Jonathan Lipnicki. You probably remember him best as the kid from Jerry Maguire or Stuart Little. Well, the kid has grown up, and quite nicely I must say.

American Gladiator Rocket

Meet Rocket, he is the newest of the American Gladiators.
You may remember him from last season when he competed and won the chance to become a Gladiator. His name is Evan Dollard and he sure is cute (he has a good personality too). I couldn't find any good pics to show you, but this boy has a very nice bulge in his spandex. Make sure you check him out on American Gladiators, which airs Mondays on NBC. In the meantime, check out these hot pics!


Here's some newish pics of Shia. The first 4 are from the new issue of GQ, and the last one is a promo shot for Indiana Jones

Here's some other pics of Shia...

Here's some caps of Shia from the movie Bobby.